José Eliel Camargo-Molina, Tanumoy Mandal, Roman Pasechnik, Jonas Wessén
Heavy charged scalars from cs¯ fusion: A generic search strategy applied to a 3HDM with U(1)×U(1) family symmetry


We describe a class of three Higgs doublet models (3HDMs) with a softly broken U(1)×U(1) family symmetry that enforces a Cabibbo-like quark mixing while forbidding the tree-level flavour changing neutral currents. The hierarchy in the observed quark masses is partly explained by a softer hierarchy in the vacuum expectation values of the three Higgs doublets. As a consequence, the physical scalar spectrum contains a Standard Model (SM) like Higgs boson while exotic scalars couple the strongest to the second quark family, leading to rather unconventional discovery channels that could be probed at the Large Hadron Collider. In particular, we describe a search strategy for the lightest charged Higgs, through the process cs¯→H+→W+h125, using a multivariate analysis that leads to an excellent discriminatory power against the SM background. Although the analysis is applied to the proposed class of 3HDMs, we employ a model-independent formulation such that it can be applied to any other model with the same discovery channel.

LU TP 17-36