Torbjorn Sjostrand, Christian Bierlich et.el.
Parton Radiation and Fragmentation from LHC to FCC-ee


This document collects the proceedings of the "Parton Radiation and Fragmentation from LHC to FCC-ee" workshop (this http URL) held at CERN in Nov. 2016. The writeup reviews the latest theoretical and experimental developments on parton radiation and parton-hadron fragmentation studies --including analyses of LEP, B-factories, and LHC data-- with a focus on the future perspectives reacheable in e+e− measurements at the Future Circular Collider (FCC-ee), with multi-ab−1 integrated luminosities yielding 1012 and 108 jets from Z and W bosons decays as well as 105 gluon jets from Higgs boson decays. The main topics discussed are: (i) parton radiation and parton-to-hadron fragmentation functions (splitting functions at NNLO, small-z NNLL resummations, global FF fits including Monte Carlo (MC) and neural-network analyses of the latest Belle/BaBar high-precision data, parton shower MC generators), (ii) jet properties (quark-gluon discrimination, e+e− event shapes and multi-jet rates at NNLO+NnLL, jet broadening and angularities, jet substructure at small-radius, jet charge determination, e+e− jet reconstruction algorithms), (iii) heavy-quark jets (dead cone effect, charm-bottom separation, gluon-to-bb¯ splitting), and (iv) non-perturbative QCD phenomena (colour reconnection, baryon and strangeness production, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac final-state correlations, colour string dynamics: spin effects, helix hadronization).

LU TP 17-02