Roman Pasechnik, Michal Sumbera
Phenomenological review on quark-gluon plasma: concepts vs observations


In this review, we present an up-to-date phenomenological summary of research developments in physics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP). A short historical perspective and theoretical motivation for this rapidly developing field of contemporary Particle Physics is provided. In addition, we introduce and discuss the role of the QCD ground state, non-perturbative and lattice QCD results on the QGP properties as well as the transport models used to make a connection between theory and experiment. The experimental part presents the selected results on bulk observables, hard and penetrating probes obtained in the ultra-relativistic heavy-ion experiments carried out at BNL RHIC, CERN SPS and LHC accelerators. We also give a brief overview of new developments related to the ongoing searches of the QCD critical point and to the collectivity in small (p+p and p+A) systems.

LU TP 16-59