Roman Pasechnik
Quantum Yang-Mills Dark Energy


In this short review, I discuss basic qualitative characteristics of quantum non-Abelian gauge dynamics in the non-stationary background of the expanding Universe in the framework of standard Einstein-Yang-Mills formulation. A brief outlook of existing studies of cosmological Yang-Mills fields and their properties will be gien. Quantum effects have a profound impact on the gauge field-driven cosmological evolution. In particular, a dynamical formation of the spatially-homogeneous and isotropic gauge field condensate may be responsible for both early and late-time acceleration, as well as for dynamical compensation of non-perturbative quantum vacua contributions to the ground state of the Universe. The main properties of such a condensate in the effective QCD theory at the flat Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker(FLRW) background will be discussed within and beyond pertubation theory, Finally, a phenomenologically consisten dark energy can be induced dynamically as a remnant of the QCD vacua compensation arising from leading-order graviton-mediated corrections to the QCD ground state.

LU TP 16-02