V.P.Goncalves,B.D.Moreira and F.S.Navarra
Double vector meson production in $\gamma\gamma$ interactions at hadronic colliders


In this paper we revisit the double vector meson production in γγ interactions at heavy ion collisions and present, by the first time, predictions for the ρρ and J/ΨJ/Ψ production in proton -- nucleus and proton -- proton collisions. In order to obtain realistic predictions for rapidity distributions and total cross sections for the double vector production in ultra peripheral hadronic collisions we take into account of the description of γγ→VV cross section at low energies as well as its behaviour at large energies, associated to the gluonic interaction between the color dipoles. Our results demonstrate that the double ρ production is dominated by the low energy behaviour of the γγ→VV cross section. In contrast, for the double J/Ψ production, the contribution associated to the description of the QCD dynamics at high energies contributes significantly, mainly in pp collisions. Predictions for the RHIC, LHC, FCC and CEPC - SPPC energies are shown.

LU TP 15-60