G. Bailas and V.P. Goncalves
Phenomenological implications of the intrinsic charm in the Z boson production at the LHC


In this paper we study the Z, Z+ jet, Z+c and Z+c+ jet production in pp collisions at the LHC considering different models for an intrinsic charm content of the proton. We analyse the impact of the intrinsic charm in the rapidity and transverse momentum distributions for these different processes. Our results indicated that differently from the other processes, the Z+c cross section is strongly affected by the presence of the intrinsic charm. Moreover, we propose the analysis of the ratios R(Z+c/Z)≡σ(Z+c)/σ(Z) and R(Z+c/Z+jet)≡σ(Z+c)/σ(Z+jet) and demonstrate that these observables can be used as a probe of the intrinsic charm.

LU TP 15-55