V.P. Goncalves, C. potterat and M.S. Rangel
Bottom production in photon and pomeron-induced interactions at the LHC


In this paper we present a detailed comparison of the bottom production in gluon -- gluon, photon -- gluon, photon -- photon, pomeron -- gluon, pomeron -- pomeron and pomeron -- photon interactions at the LHC. The transverse momentum, pseudo -- rapidity and ΞΎ dependencies of the cross sections are calculated at LHC energy using the Forward Physics Monte Carlo (FPMC), which allows to obtain realistic predictions for the bottom production with one or two leading intact protons. Moreover, predictions for the the kinematical range probed by the LHCb Collaboration are also presented. Our results indicate that the analysis of the single diffractive events is feasible using the Run I LHCb data.

LU TP 15-54