V.P. Goncalves, L.A.S. Martins and W.K. Sauter
Probing the gluon density of the proton in the exclusive photoproduction of vector mesons at the LHC: A phenomenological analysis


The current uncertainty on the gluon density extracted from the global parton analysis is large in the kinematical range of small values of the Bjorken - x variable and low values of the hard scale Q^{2}. An alternative to reduces this uncertainty is the analysis of the exclusive vector meson photoproduction in photon - hadron and hadron - hadron collisions. This process offers a unique opportunity to constrain the gluon density of the proton, since its cross section is proportional to the gluon density squared. In this paper we consider current parametrizations for the gluon distribution and estimate the exclusive vector meson photoproduction cross section at HERA and LHC using the leading logarithmic formalism. We perform a fit of the normalization of the γh cross section and the value of the hard scale for the process and demonstrate that the current LHCb experimental data are better described by models that assume a slow increasing of the gluon distribution at small - x and low Q^{2}.

LU TP 15-50