Johan Bijnens, Thomas Rössler (Lund)
Finite Volume and Partially Quenched QCD-like Effective Field Theories


We present a calculation of the meson masses, decay constants and quark-antiquark vacuum expectation value for the three generic QCD-like chiral symmetry breaking patterns SU(NF)×SU(NF)→SU(NF)V, SU(NF)→SO(NF) and SU(2NF)→Sp(2NF) in the effective field theory for these cases. We extend the previous two-loop work to include effects of partial quenching and finite volume. The calculation has been performed using the quark flow technique. We reproduce the known infinite volume results in the unquenched case. The analytical results can be found in the supplementary material. Some examples of numerical results are given. The numerical programs for all cases are included in version 0.54 of the CHIRON package. The purpose of this work is the use in lattice extrapolations to zero mass for QCD-like and strongly interacting Higgs sector lattice calculations.

LU TP 15-34