Christian Bierlich, Jesper Roy Christiansen
Effects of Colour Reconnection on Hadron Flavour Observables


We present a comparison between two recently developed colour reconnection models, the new colour reconnection model in PYTHIA and the DIPSY rope hadronization model. Specifically we investigate ratios of identified hadron yields as a function of the final-state activity, as measured by the charged multiplicity. Since both models have a nontrivial dependence on the final-state activity, the above observables serve as excellent probes to test the effect of these models. Both models show a clear baryon enhancement with increasing multiplicity, while only the DIPSY rope model leads to a strangeness enhancement. Flow-like patterns, previously found to be connected to colour reconnection models, are investigated for the new models. Only PYTHIA shows a p⊥-dependent enhancement of the Λ/K ratio as the final-state activity increases, with the enhancement being largest in the mid-p⊥ region.

LU TP 15-26