Jacob Towén
Chirally Symmetric Technicolor Model: A possible origin of the Higgs Boson


This thesis investigates a possible extension to the Standard Model: the Chirally Symmetric Technicolor Model. The motivation is to explain the origin of the electroweak interaction scale by introducing a new interaction. The thesis is based on the two-flavour Technicolor model presented in ”Chiral-Symmetric Technicolor with Standard Model Higgs boson” by Pasechnik et. al. [1], and extends it to the three flavour case with a composite Higgs sector. The model is based on a low energy effective field theory known as the Linear Sigma Model, and borrows several properties from the approximate flavour SU (3) chiral symmetry of Quantum Chromodynamics. A physical Lagrangian is derived and using this a possible signature for discovery in the H → γγ channel is calculated.

LU TP 15-21