Erik Kofoed
A black hole radiating color charged particles


This thesis makes an attempt to extend Hawking radiation, which has previously been studied for photons and QED charged leptons, to emission of particles with color charge. A sufficiently hot black hole should be able to radiate asymptotically free quarks and gluons in addition to leptons and photons. The black holes in consideration in this thesis are those hot enough to radiate color charged particles which can be described by perturbative quantum chromodynamics (QCD) but macroscopic enough to have a static metric during the emission so that the process can be treated semiclassically. For the purpose of this thesis the kinematics of the emission of color charged particles will not be significant since the goal is to compare QCD to QED. Therefore the color structure is studied separate from the kinematics. The calculations are performed using the birdtrack notation which is a pictorial representation of SU(N) tensor calculations. The radiation is assumed to be gluons, emitted one at a time, and from a black hole of low dimensional representation of the color group. A methodology for how to answer these questions is supplied and in addition an outline to a solution.

LU TP 15-19