Astrid Ordell
A Chirally Symmetric Tecnifermion Sector


This thesis considers the low-energy effective field theory of a new technicolor extension. The extension preserves the Standard Model Higgs boson and introduces a chirally symmetric tech- nifermion sector, in the framework of the gauged linear sigma model. In the nearly conformal limit, the considered extension leads to a common origin of the Higgs- and Technisigma vacuum expectation values, related to the technifermion condensate. In addition to this, the model stays within allowed boundaries of electroweak precision tests for the main part of the parameter space. The results presented in this thesis are a reproduction of the paper ”Chiral-Symmetric Techni- color with Standard Model Higgs boson”, published 2013 by R. Pasechnik et al. [14]. The thesis may serve as a guide to the results obtained in the original paper, as well as being an audit of the decisions and assumptions made there.

LU TP 14-17