Roman Pasechnik, Vitaly Beylin, Vladimir Kuksa, Grigory Vereshkov
Vector-like technineutron Dark Matter: is a QCD-type Technicolor ruled out by XENON100?


We continue to explore a question about the existence of a new strongly coupled dynamics above the electroweak scale. The latter has been recently realized in the simplest consistent scenario, the vector-like (or chiral-symmetric) Technicolor model based upon the gauged linear sigma-model. One of the predictions of a new strong dynamics in this model, the existence of stable vector-like technibaryon states at a TeV scale, such that the lightest neutral one could serve as a Dark Matter candidate. Here, we consider the QCD-type Technicolor with SU(3)_TC confined group and one SU(2)_W doublet of vector-like techniquarks and test this model against existing Dark Matter astrophysics data. We show that the spin-independent Dirac technineutron-nucleon cross section is by far too large and ruled out by XENON100 data. We conclude that vector-like techniquark sectors with an odd group of confinement SU(2n+1)_TC, n=1,2,... and with ordinary vector-like weak SU(2)_W interactions are excluded if the technibaryon number is conserved. We discuss a possible generic TC scenario with a technibaryon sector interacting via an extra vector SU(2)_V other than the standard weak SU(2)_W and consider immediate implications for the cosmological evolution and freeze out of heavy relic technineutrons.

LU TP 13-27