Sergey Alekhin, Simone Alioli, Richard D. Ball, Valerio Bertone, Johannes Blumlein, Michiel Botje, Jon Butterworth, Francesco Cerutti, Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, Albert de Roeck, Luigi Del Debbio, Joel Feltesse, Stefano Forte, Alexander Glazov, Alberto Guffanti, Claire Gwenlan, Joey Huston, Pedro Jimenez-Delgado, Hung-Liang Lai, Jose I. Latorre, Ronan McNulty, Pavel Nadolsky, Sven-Olaf Moch, Jon Pumplin, Voica Radescu, Juan Rojo, Torbjorn Sjostrand, W. J. Stirling, Daniel Stump, Robert S. Thorne, Maria Ubiali, Alessandro Vicini, Graeme Watt, C.-P. Yuan
The PDF4LHC Working Group Interim Report


This document is intended as a study of benchmark cross sections at the LHC (at 7 TeV) at NLO using modern parton distribution functions currently available from the 6 PDF fitting groups that have participated in this exercise. It also contains a succinct user guide to the computation of PDFs, uncertainties and correlations using available PDF sets. A companion note, also submitted to the archive, provides an interim summary of the current recommendations of the PDF4LHC working group for the use of parton distribution functions and of PDF uncertainties at the LHC, for cross section and cross section uncertainty calculations.

LU TP 11-01