Gilberto Colangelo, Andreas Fuhrer and Stefan Lanz
Finite volume effects for nucleon and heavy meson masses


We apply the resummed version of the Lüscher formula to analyze finite volume corrections to the mass of the nucleon and of heavy mesons. We show that by applying the subthreshold expansion of the scattering amplitudes one can express the finite volume corrections in terms of only a few physical observables and the size of the box. In the case of the nucleon, the available information about the quark mass dependence of these physical quantities is discussed and used to assess the finite volume corrections to the nucleon mass as a function of the quark mass including a detailed analysis of the remaining uncertainties. For heavy mesons, the Lüscher formula is derived both fully relativistically and in a nonrelativistic approximation and a first attempt at a numerical analysis is made.

LU TP 10-12