Karol Kampf, Jiri Novotny, Jaroslav Trnka
Renormalization and additional degrees of freedom within the chiral effective theory for spin-1 resonances


We study in detail various aspects of the renormalization of the spin-1 resonance propagator in the effective field theory framework. First, we briefly review the formalisms for the description of spin-1 resonances in the path integral formulation with the stress on the issue of propagating degrees of freedom. Then we calculate the one-loop 1-- meson self-energy within the Resonance chiral theory in the chiral limit using different methods for the description of spin-one particles, namely the Proca field, antisymmetric tensor field and the first order formalisms. We discuss in detail technical aspects of the renormalization procedure which are inherent to the power-counting non-renormalizable theory and give a formal prescription for the organization of both the counterterms and one-particle irreducible graphs. We also construct the corresponding propagators and investigate their properties. We show that the additional poles corresponding to the additional one-particle states are generated by loop corrections, some of which are negative norm ghosts or tachyons. We count the number of such additional poles and briefly discuss their physical meaning.

LU TP 09-33