Jonas Nordström
Parton Correlations in High Energy Proton-Proton Scattering


In this thesis we will use the Monte Carlo (MC) event generator DIPSY to study correlations in proton-proton scattering. DIPSY uses a modified version of the Mueller dipole model to dynamically create the wave function of a proton, or at least a very simple approximation thereof. We will look at the correlation between the inverse dipole sizes and the number of dipoles, or the number of subscatterings, to see the effects screening. We will also look at some correlation that may give a dynamical explanation to some of the assumptions made in the multiple interaction model implemented in the PYTHIA MC. These assumptions include, the distribution of the number of subscatterings both at fixed impact parameter and as an average aver all impact parameters, and the shape of the overlap (of the wave functions) of two colliding protons. The DIPSY program is still under development, and the results presented here should be considered preliminary.

LU TP 09-15