Gösta Gustafson
Multiple Scattering, Underlying Event, and Minimum Bias

Talk presented at 12th Int. Conf. on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering, EDS07, DESY, Hamburg, 21-25 May 2007


In this talk I first discuss the experimental evidence for multiple scattering and the properties of the underlying event. The extensive analyses by Rick Field of data from CDF cannot be reconciled with traditional wisdom concerning multiple collisions and the AGK cutting rules. Data seem to imply some kind of color recombination or unexpectedly strong effects from pomeron vertices. I then discuss theoretical ideas concerning the relation between multiple collisions and unitarity: the AGK rules, IP loops, dipole cascade models and diffraction.

LU TP 07-39, arXiv:0712.1941 [hep-ph]