Leif Lönnblad, Malin Sjödahl
Classical and Non-Classical ADD-phenomenology with high-ET jet observables at collider experiments


We use the results from a recent investigation of hard parton-parton gravitational scattering in the ADD scenario to make semi-quantitative predictions for a few standard high-ET jet observables at the LHC. By implementing these gravitational scattering results in the Pythia event generator and combining it with the Charybdis generator for black holes, we investigate the effects of large extra dimensions and find that, depending on the width of the brane, the relative importance of gravitational scattering and black hole production may change significantly. For the cases where gravitational scatterings are important we discuss how to distinguish gravitational scattering from standard QCD partonic scatterings. In particular we point out that the universal colorlessness of elastic gravitational scattering implies fewer particles between the hard jets, and that this can be used in order to distinguish an increased jet activity induced by gravitational scattering from an increased jet activity induced by eg. super-symmetric extensions where the interaction is colorful.

LU TP 06-29, hep-ph/0608210