Malin Sjödahl, Gösta Gustafson
Gravitational Scattering in the ADD-model at High and Low Energies


Gravitational scattering in the ADD-model is considered at both sub- and transplanckian energies using a common formalism. By keeping a physical cut-off in the KK tower associated with virtual KK exchange, such as the cut-off implied from a finite brane width, troublesome divergences are removed from the calculations in both energy ranges. The scattering behavior depends on three different energy scales: the fundamental Planck mass, the collision energy and the inverse brane width. The result for energies low compared to the effective cut-off (inverse brane width) is a contact-like interaction. At high energies the gravitational scattering associated with the extra dimensional version of Newton's law is recovered.

LU TP 06-26, hep-ph/0608080