Rosa María Durán Delgado
Fermi-Dirac Correlations Between Protons in the String Fragmentation Picture


The Fermi-Dirac correlation between protons produced in hadronic e+e-annihilation events has recently been determined at LEP, yielding a value for the source radius that is smaller than t he proton radius itself. In this thesis we present a review of the methods used for the derivation of the two-particle c orrelation, stressing the important role of Monte Carlo simulations of events in the analysi s of the experimental data. We discuss how imperfections in the Monte Carlo simulations could be affecting the value of the source radius. The correlation exhibits some dependence on the parameters a and b of the Lund string fragmentation model and on the dif ferent baryon production scenarios. The effects studied here are significant, but not large enough to fully explain the unexpected results in experimental analyses. Further studies will be needed to reveal the true nature of the Fermi- Dirac correlation.

LU TP 06-17