Johan Bijnens, Elvira Gamiz, Joaquim Prades
The $B_K$ Kaon Parameter in the Chiral Limit


We introduce four-point functions in the hadronic ladder resummation approach to large $N_c$ QCD Green functions. We determine the relevant one to calculate the $B_K$ kaon parameter in the chiral limit. This four-point function contains both the large momenta QCD OPE and the small momenta ChPT at NLO limits, analytically. We get $\hat B_K^\chi = 0.38 \pm 0.15$. We also give the ChPT result at NLO for the relevant four-point function to calculate $B_K$ outside the chiral limit, while the leading QCD OPE is the same as the chiral limit one.

LU TP 06-03, hep-ph/0601197