Johan Bijnens, Niclas Danielsson, Karim Ghorbani, Timo A. Lähde
Two Loop Partially Quenched and Finite Volume Chiral Perturbation Theory Results

Talk given at 23rd International Symposium on Lattice Field Field: Lattice 2005, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 25-30 Jul 2005.


This talk presents some results relevant for lattice QCD at higher order in ChPT. First we discuss the finite volume corrections at two loops for the quark condensate as well as a Luscherlike finite volume formula for it. The latter allows for an alternative determination of meson sigma terms. The second set of results presented here are the calculations at two loops in partially quenched chiral perturbation theory of masses and decay constants of the charged mesons. We present results for all relevant quark mass combinations for the cases with two and three sea quarks.

LU TP 05-34, hep-lat/0509042