Leif Lönnblad, Malin Sjödahl
Uncertainties on Central Exclusive Scalar Luminosities from the unintegrated gluon distributions

In a previous report we used the Linked Dipole Chain model unintegrated gluon densities to investigate the uncertainties in the predictions for central exclusive production of scalars at hadron colliders. Here we expand this investigation by also looking at other parameterizations of the unintegrated gluon density, and look in more detail on the behavior of these at small k_T. We confirm our conclusions that the luminosity function for central exclusive production is very sensitive to this behavior. However, we also conclude that the available densities based on the CCFM and LDC evolutions are not constrained enough to give reliable predictions even for inclusive Higgs production at the LHC.

LU TP 04-41, hep-ph/0412111